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Your new go to health and wellness advisor. As a mother of four children I understand how important this to feel your absolute best from the inside out !  I have been successfully changing men , women and  children lives who struggle with issues of weight management & pain control 

If you are looking for better focus , more energy for just want a healthier immune system I can help!

Why CollagenGirl

We’re on a mission to impact 1 billion lives for good, and that requires a big-picture approach. From providing products that promote health to creating opportunities to earn and grow wealth to giving back in our communities and around the world, we hope to make the lives of those around us better—and we try to have some fun doing it.

Backed by Science, We Followed our Gut

We believe that keeping the body’s gut in balance isn’t just a good gesture—it can have a profound impact on your skin, mood, weight, immunity, brain health and overall well-being. Tranont’s innovative products combine gut health with a full spectrum of other benefits for a whole-body approach to wellness.

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Our Story

It all started with a desire to change

We’re a group of accomplished entrepreneurs dedicated to helping individuals and families improve their health, create more wealth, and leave a lasting impact.

While our journey began helping people’s financial wellness, we quickly realized that we had the potential—and the desire—to improve the whole life of a person, not just one specific aspect. In 2013 Tranont was born as a healthy-lifestyle company, providing instruction, products, and services to help families reach financial goals and live healthy lives.

We’re not here to just change a moment of your life, but to inspire change that lasts a lifetime.

Control & Predict Cost

Discover tools and systems that control costs and keep premiums in check all while guiding members to great care.

Save Money

ur high-touch, cost-efficient platform offers employee health insurance plans that save members on deductibles and drug costs.

Acquire & Retain Talent

Attract and retain top talent with our wide range of affordable white-glove health benefits solutions.

our Products

Plain and simple–everything we put into our products has been carefully chosen to be safe, effective, and thoughtfully formulated to improve your well-being.

our Products

Plain and simple–everything we put into our products has been carefully chosen to be safe, effective, and thoughtfully formulated to improve your well-being.


Advanced Type 1 Collagen with Superfood Antioxidant Support


Whole-Flower Hemp CBD



Whole-flower Hemp CBD Muscle Rub



Antioxidant Complex



Vitamin B Complex



Advanced Hydrating Serum



Energizing Focus Blend



Mushroom Complex with Ashwagandha and Fulvic Acid


GOS Prebiotic Meal Replacement



Build a life and a business you love

Change someone’s life with Tranont’s transformative products, and change your own life with the opportunity to make an income, earn incredible rewards, and find personal fulfillment, all on your own terms. As a Tranont Associate, you’ll enjoy ownership of a dynamic, flexible business that you can grow at your pace. We’ll arm you with the tools, support, and training you’ll need, so get ready to discover the successful entrepreneur in you!


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